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December was hectic to say the least. Filled with work, family and over-crowded weekends which made me want to sit at home under a blanket and just be myself. It was good fun, but not the relaxing month I had anticipated and needed (don’t know why I always do this though, December is hardly ever truly relaxing). And then came January where we are looking forward to another 4 weekends in a row with arrangements, birthdays and family.

But I try to look at things differently now. Dwell on the little things, the moments of zen and relaxation that makes me remember who I am and what I love. This weekend’s greatest moment of zen has so far been waking up this morning to an apartment which was completely quiet. All I could hear were the birds chirping away outside – rare scenario when you live in Copenhagen! I looked around our bedroom and could suddenly feel the stillness creep under my skin and my muscles relax. No thoughts, just happiness. We’ve had guests Friday night and all afternoon yesterday, so waking up to an empty calendar and a quiet home was all I needed. Do you recognize this feeling of being pleasantly surprised and engulfed by silence and a feeling of contentment?

My morning has been filled with more quietness and beautiful things

The rest of the day will be filled with glorious nothingness accompanied by tea, the husband and reading. Running would have been great, but acquired a knee injury when I ran a half marathon on the 31st – you win some, you loose some…

A great Sunday to all of you 🙂


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… I went running at 7.15 – and loved it!

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In 14 hours the start goes for my 15 K run at Nike Marathon Start Up 2011 – I’m excited! The course seems a little dull (3x the same 5K) but I think it’s going to be great none the less. It’s going to be a grey morning and hopefully no rain which is perfect in my opinion 🙂

Today I’ve been relaxing with some baking, knitting and reading, but I must say that meeting a lot of runners on a walk this morning made me want to strap on my shoes and go for a run today as well. But seeing as my legs have been immensely heavy this week during all of my runs, I think it was a good idea to give them another day of rest (haven’t been out since Thursday). And my time has been well spent, baking cinnamon/orange breakfast muffins and starting on a new knitted blanket for the cold winter months.

I’m crossing my fingers for a great run tomorrow. If everything goes well I am contemplating signing up for a half marathon on the morning of December 31st – what a great way to end the year, right? And a half marathon is something I really want under my belt in 2011, so I guess the 31st is my last chance. It is also a great motivation for running in the dark months so I’m reeeally close to signing up…

Anything you want to accomplish for 2011 which you haven’t gotten round to yet?

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Some days you just gotta listen to your body. Like right now where I should be tidying the apartment and preparing for an hour of work, but instead I’m on the sofa with sooooo heavy legs after today’s run. And it’s ok…

Today I’m inspired by some quotes from Kim McMillen’s “When I loved myself enough” which is in my opinion one of the best books ever written. Sometimes I just open it at a random page and become instantly inspired and a bit calmer inside. These quotes were the ones hitting it home for me today:

“When I loved myself enough I began to know I was in the right place at the right time and I could relax”
I don’t need to constantly consider if my life is good enough. Things are exactly as they should be, and when they change, that is exactly the way it should be as well…

When I loved myself enough I felt compelled to slow down way down. And that has made all the difference.
Slow is nice. Everything in life needs something to counter it. Balance is key to my happiness. That thought makes me feel calm…

Buy the book – actually buy a couple and give them to people you love. Buy it, read it and notice how life starts to make sense.


Life is good. And it’s even better with hot Chai tea so I’m off to the kitchen.

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After my 8 K run last night my legs looked like this


My new running shoes were welcomed into my life of running with rainstorms all the way – it was absolutely crazy weather! Quite beautiful as well though, with lightening and thunder, rain, wind and mud. Lots of mud… These new babies aren’t beautiful but they are oh so good to my body:

Nike LunarGlides+3

My mind and body were zen-filled when I drove home on my bike after my run. Taking care of yourself rocks!

Today I took care of myself by spending 45 minutes walking around the center of Copenhagen after work. The air smelled of crisp fall afternoons and the sun warmed me just enough for me not needing a jacket. On days like this I feel like I live in the most wonderful place on earth.

Actually, taking some time after work just going for a walk or sitting in the yard with a cup of tea is one of the best ways to unwind after work. It can be tough to go from being 100% focused on work and then 20 minutes later running around cooking dinner and talking to my husband. Some quiet-time straight after work is my way to zen. And quiet-time just before bed as well, which I’m going to practice today.

My one piece of advice for you today is: 10 minutes before going to bed you sit down at a quiet place. Light a candle. Sit. Close your eyes or don’t. Perhaps just observe the world. Don’t speak. Just enjoy… (Can be accompanied by tea 🙂 )

Zen – brought to you by your own mind.

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Running has taken a great space in my life for the past months. It keeps me away from feeling stressed and somehow all of my problems just disappear when I’m out on the course. And I become a better wife and a better friend to myself when I prioritize and stick to my running. It brings me zen…

I really needs some races to look forward to, to hopefully keep my running motivation during winter so I’ve been looking through what’s going on in Copenhagen throughout the next many months. These are the ones I’m considering:

  • 5K, Änglamark Løbet 2011, August 11th (This one I’ll most likely run)
  • 13,3K, Erimitage Løbet, September 9th (Most likely a go 🙂 )
  • 10K, Friløbet 2011, September 25th (This one is a GO as well)
  • 10K, Marathon Start Up 2011, October 30th (Maybe I’ll go for the 15K, depending on how my legs feel)
  • Änglamark Nytårløbet, December 31st (Hmmm… Would be great but depends on how we’ll celebrate new years)
  • Nike Marathon Test 2012, 3 days with 10K, 15K and half-marathon distances
  • Copenhagen Marathon!!! I’m seriously considering this! Would be amazing I think, if only just to accomplish it. But I really need to see how my legs will be behaving during the fall.

I’ve never participated in this many races but somehow I’m just really motivated right now and then I just might go for them all. Very exciting 🙂

Are you doing any of these races? Which distances will you be focusing on in future? And finally: Did you complete a marathon? 

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When I got home from work today I was so tired I almost couldn’t believe it. It’s hard to be back! And I was only gone for two weeks. But what better way than to cure a tired brain than to go running. So I put on my favourite geeky shirt from Technical University of Denmark and ventured out…

Did I just show my womanly behind on the blog? 

… only to find than my shin-splints broke out after only 500 m! I did 1 km and had to walk back home. Bummer.

So, no relaxing run for me but this might actually be good as I’m starting to feel a bit under the weather. And what else can a girl then do but to go home, eat Moroccan stew with saffron rice and place herself on the sofa with four glorious pieces of Lindt chocolate which a colleague gave me? (Ok so I might have gotten an entire box, but that was more than 2 weeks ago. You guess how many are left at this point).

Diamant de Café Pointe de Chocolat Crème aux NoisettesCornet d'Or

See more on Lindt’s homepage (very addictive chocolate!)

If my throat isn’t getting better I’ll be working from the sofa at home tomorrow. I’m so lucky to have that opportunity! I hope it improves though and that my shins will please stop hurting (are you listening??) as I’d like to get in a minimum of 5K tomorrow afternoon. I’m training for Friløbet in September in Copenhagen and even though it’s only 10K which I will be able to run at this point, I’d still like to improve my time.

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