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This morning I was still tired after 10+ hours of work yesterday and the prospect of another 10 or more today. I am extremely focused on not letting stress rear it’s ugly head, but these days it seems that it is lurking just below the surface. To get through the day I instantly knew that I needed some self-love and something which would calm of down just a bit – enter: dry-brushing.

Dry-brushing is a way to get the circulation going, and to me it grants a sense of ‘being in the moment’ which I desperately need. Grab a body brush or – as in my case – a massage pad and simply stroke yourself from toe to head. Long, relaxing strokes leading towards the heart at all times. I start with the legs, then arms, stomach, back and chest. Lighting a candle can also help on the stress-situation…

To calm me even more, I recited to myself: you’ve been doing a great job, you gave everything you could and everything’s going to be all right. I can only do as much, and I know that I am my own worst critic. It is ok to say “this is what the timeline allowed me to do”…

Now I’m off for a long day, where I want to remember taking breaks and deep breaths!


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… I went running at 7.15 – and loved it!

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I know I keep talking about the benefits of having a great morning each day, but this truly is one of the best things I can do for myself in order to stay calm throughout the day and not get stressed out. Part of a great morning in my eyes is a healthy and tasty breakfast which includes protein, fruit and fibers.

I tend to get really into one type of breakfast which I then eat for weeks and weeks, until I get another craving and switch it up. Usually I move within the following types:

  • Smoothie with egg on the side OR Greek yogurt mixed in
  • Eggs and cut up fruit with nuts/seeds
  • Oatmeal with various topping (and sometimes an egg on the side)
  • Greek yogurt with fruit and granola/oats/seeds

These are all breakfast types that I find healthy and filling, however I tend to think that eggs or Greek yogurt are the winners in terms of keeping me full. And they end up much lower in calories as well. I’m definitely a protein-and-fat type of girl – give me a big red steak or a huge piece of salmon and I’m happy 🙂

These days I’m on the Greek yogurt wagon. I have around 200-250 g of 2% yogurt (approx. 150 kcal) with some kind of berries and my new-found pleasure: homemade granola.


2½ dl oats
2 handfuls of coarsely chopped almonds
1 small tbsp coconut oil
1 small tbsp honey
1 handful raisins
2 tbsp raw cocoa nibs

Toast oats and almonds on a pan on medium heat with the coconut oil and honey until golden. Put on a wooden board until completely cool – stir once in a while – and mix in raisins and cocoa nibs. Store in airtight container. The oats should crisp up when cool.

This is heaven! You can of course vary the mix-ins but I really love the toasted oat/almond mixture. Regarding how sweet it should be, you just need to find your own way. I like 1 tbsp of honey, you might need more or less depending on the honey and your taste. I just love how easy it is when using a pan to toast it on. It took me 10 minutes from starting to chop up things until I had it on the board for cooling and I had washed the pan again.


I find it to be the perfect addition to my breakfast bowls at the moment. Here is how I enjoyed it yesterday morning in the back yard (prior to the rain)

With my latest book which I’m in love with (A place of secrets by Rachel Hoe) and a huge mug of rose/hibiscus tea

I tried the no-milk trend for a while, but found that my stomach can handle milk just fine and I couldn’t live without my yogurt, especially in the summertime. The high protein content in the Greek yogurt is simply necessary for me to feel full! I actually eat A LOT of protein… But more on that in another post 🙂

What is your favourite breakfast? Do you mix it up or do you tend to eat the same thing day in and day out? 

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