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Yoga lovin’

All of a sudden I can feel my triceps again… The reason? Flow yoga-ing ’till I dropped (or 60 minutes which is the equivalent when you haven’t been to flow yoga for months). A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Sweaty face, trembling arms, hair flowing in all directions and and feet that tell the tale of a recent half-marathon – I loved it.
When I came home today all that was on my mind was “Why haven’t I been able to drag my butt to a yoga class for the past months? This is great!” Yoga really is the perfect thing to compliment my running, and my knee (which is injured) didn’t hurt one bit during class – yay!

Now I’m sitting on the sofa with no energy in my arms whatsoever and a pleasant feeling of self-loving 🙂

If only I looked that cool when doing side planks. Something tells me I don’t…. [Source]

Evening ritual of tea and a book awaits (re-reading this little gem).


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