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Women are crazy…

Just found a link to this video which reminded me how an effing obscene amount of time women spend trying to improve themselves, present company (unfortunately) included. And then I saw this and it just underlined it:

And then I started thinking some more about feeling that you are not good enough. Not necessarily beauty-wise but in general.

An example: I’m sick today. I have a fever, a crazy sore throat and the energy equivalent to that of someone who just ran 100 miles (i.e. nothing at all). But I still feel like if I take the day completely off work, I’m not good enough. I’m not a good employee if I’m not working a couple of hours from my bed… My husband thinks I’m crazy, tells me that if I’m sick, well then I’m sick and I should stay in bed without working. He’s probably right. So why is it I still feel like I do? No matter how sick I am, I still feel like I’m somehow “cheating” – it’s insane…

So here’s to respecting yourself. To not beating yourself up about your looks and calling yourself fat if you are actually within the range of normal weight. To not working when you are sick but respecting your body’s signals. To saying “no” when you mean “no”. To being true to yourself.


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