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My morning started out like this:

Oatmeal turned purple by mixing in frozen blueberries the last minute of cooking. Does it get any better? Makes me so happy to look at 🙂 And combined with a Three Ginger tea from Pukka it sure made my first morning going back to work way easier. I’m almost over my sore throat and figured that I’ll give the office a go today.

I just wanted to briefly touch upon some of the feelings I’ve been having these few past days, lying at home on the sofa not working. Day 1 (Monday) was ok, but then came Tuesday and even though I was still really sick I kept thinking to myself “Oh God I can’t be a very good employee, being sick like this for two days and missing work”. Excuse me, but what the F*** is going on in my mind? Where is this coming from? Why isn’t it ok to be sick? It’s not like I woke up Sunday morning and thought “Oh well, I’d better get sick now so that I can take two days off work”. It was my body fighting a virus and telling me to slow down.

Do you ever have this feeling of not being good enough at what you do? I have it all the time and to be honest I’m kind of tired of it. I don’t want to spend every hour I’m at work worrying about whether or not I’m performing well enough. Or worrying at home if I’m a good enough wife, if dinner was good enough… I want to be able to have days where I go home thinking that I actually do know my stuff. Because in my case it’s not a question of knowing my stuff or not, because I do. It’s a question of my mind constantly whacking me on the head and shoving me back into the dirt, never letting me have a moment’s rest. I want to believe that I am good enough and I’m not saying that I don’t want to improve because I do. I just want to have some room to breathe and enjoy my successes.

Do you recognize this feeling?


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I’ve been sick…

I’ve been lying in bed for the past three days suffering from a combination of sore throat and influenza. Perhaps it’s my body telling me to take it slow after being out Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon/evening as well – don’t drink G&T with a sore throat, it will only get worse.

I’ve been doing everything in my power to give my body the best possible conditions to get better. This included lots of time under the covers and smoothies with spinach, banana, lemon and mango along with green ginger/lime tea:

I soothed my throat with “ice cream” made from banana and frozen fruit (mango in the bottom, mixed berries and liquorice powder in the top) with granola.

In the picture above are also showing a collection of Pukka teas which I stock up on from my favourite store in my neighbourghood. She opens the boxed and mixes 10 different teabags in a package, allowing you to taste lots of different teas. Yesterday I went with Revitalise with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to keep me warm.

Right now I’m drinking Three Mints and a smoothie made from liquorice powder, fresh ginger, lemon juice and zest, greek yogurt, banana and mixed berries.

And then I’m watching the one movie I have to watch when I’m sick:

Or… more like sleeping through half and watching half. Can’t keep my eyes open for too long at a time, but I hope to feel well enough to go to work tomorrow. Chicken soup tonight and some more sleep will hopefully do its best to get me well – keep your fingers crossed! I’m itching to go to work, go running and being able to kiss my husband properly again 😦

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Yesterday featured a great brunch with great friends, a party that wasn’t quite what I had hoped for (can you say five hours outside and mosquito bites ALL OVER!) and too little time for myself and my husband. So waking up this morning my mood wasn’t through the roof. I felt kind of sad which is often the reaction I experience after too little me-time, too much sugar and too little time to unwind. Today is therefore going to be all about me 🙂 (And the husband!)

I’m going to…

  • Watch movies in bed
  • Take a long, hot shower
  • Eat leftover homemade pizza for lunch
  • Drink lots of tea
  • Massage my shins that are sore from running
  • Dream of selling our flat and buying a house (which the bank approved! Yay!)
  • Make website for our flat to advertise it
  • Read tons of interior designing blogs and planning how do decorate said house 🙂
  • Look forward to crisp fall weather – since the summer has apparently chosen to abandon us here in DK
  • Rearrange my wardrobe
  • Perhaps watch the Copenhagen Challenge ironmen running their marathon this afternoon
  • Share my new obsession on the internet with you: Pinterest!

I’ve spend sooo much time on Pinterest these past days and I’m loving it. Browsing through other peoples boards, searching for pics to fit the mood I’m in right now (e.g. searching for “Autumn” and see beautiful sceneries, great clothes and all things inspiring) – and I just got my own account! I love gathering inspiration but never seem to get to printing things out and hanging on the wall, so it all ends up in confusing folder on my PC. But now I am just dying to get started on creating online boards!

My autumn search on Pinterest reminded me of my two wonderful weeks in Japan in 2008, on a governmental program. Look how beautiful everything was:

We visited a Zen buddhism temple in Kyoto and meditated with the monks

And enjoyed the amazing weather and scenery

How will you be taking care of yourself this Sunday? And what are you loving right now?

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After my 8 K run last night my legs looked like this


My new running shoes were welcomed into my life of running with rainstorms all the way – it was absolutely crazy weather! Quite beautiful as well though, with lightening and thunder, rain, wind and mud. Lots of mud… These new babies aren’t beautiful but they are oh so good to my body:

Nike LunarGlides+3

My mind and body were zen-filled when I drove home on my bike after my run. Taking care of yourself rocks!

Today I took care of myself by spending 45 minutes walking around the center of Copenhagen after work. The air smelled of crisp fall afternoons and the sun warmed me just enough for me not needing a jacket. On days like this I feel like I live in the most wonderful place on earth.

Actually, taking some time after work just going for a walk or sitting in the yard with a cup of tea is one of the best ways to unwind after work. It can be tough to go from being 100% focused on work and then 20 minutes later running around cooking dinner and talking to my husband. Some quiet-time straight after work is my way to zen. And quiet-time just before bed as well, which I’m going to practice today.

My one piece of advice for you today is: 10 minutes before going to bed you sit down at a quiet place. Light a candle. Sit. Close your eyes or don’t. Perhaps just observe the world. Don’t speak. Just enjoy… (Can be accompanied by tea 🙂 )

Zen – brought to you by your own mind.

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1. Listening to these girls who make me smile and dream myself back to a time where ladies were ladies

2. Wearing green or pink socks to work that no-one can see. All they see is my business shirt and suit, but I know the truth 🙂

3. That it’s summer and the roses are still blooming

4. That I’m no longer afraid that it will autumn in a months or two, but can actually be happy and look forward to wearing things like this (the scarf that is 🙂 )


From Aymara – one of my favourite brands

5. This song

6. Kissing my husband (no pictures!)

7. That it’s Monday evening and I’m relaxed. I’ve had work inside my head for the past five days both day and night. Haven’t worked in the weekend but it just kept being there. But now it’s gone and I’m happy…

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Running has taken a great space in my life for the past months. It keeps me away from feeling stressed and somehow all of my problems just disappear when I’m out on the course. And I become a better wife and a better friend to myself when I prioritize and stick to my running. It brings me zen…

I really needs some races to look forward to, to hopefully keep my running motivation during winter so I’ve been looking through what’s going on in Copenhagen throughout the next many months. These are the ones I’m considering:

  • 5K, Änglamark Løbet 2011, August 11th (This one I’ll most likely run)
  • 13,3K, Erimitage Løbet, September 9th (Most likely a go 🙂 )
  • 10K, Friløbet 2011, September 25th (This one is a GO as well)
  • 10K, Marathon Start Up 2011, October 30th (Maybe I’ll go for the 15K, depending on how my legs feel)
  • Änglamark Nytårløbet, December 31st (Hmmm… Would be great but depends on how we’ll celebrate new years)
  • Nike Marathon Test 2012, 3 days with 10K, 15K and half-marathon distances
  • Copenhagen Marathon!!! I’m seriously considering this! Would be amazing I think, if only just to accomplish it. But I really need to see how my legs will be behaving during the fall.

I’ve never participated in this many races but somehow I’m just really motivated right now and then I just might go for them all. Very exciting 🙂

Are you doing any of these races? Which distances will you be focusing on in future? And finally: Did you complete a marathon? 

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Sushi. Friends. Sunshine. Copenhagen. My husband. Afternoon running. Cold white wine. Late nights and early mornings… That’s what I’m doing at the moment to keep a feeling of summer holiday in my life.

And a bit of this:

LINK – really good so far!

Some of these:

Read more (and buy) here

Watching a bit of this:

Oh the drama… Gotta love it 🙂 Makes me appreciate my simple life.

Baked some of these:

cocoa brownies, 1.5-inch squares

Picture and recipe from Smitten Kitchen

In short – I’m enjoying life!

Are you enjoying your summer?

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