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One of the things I haven’t been very good at lately is writing in my diary. It is really important that I remember though, as it makes me reflect on my choices, think about how I handle everyday situations and simply empty my head from all of the confusing thoughts that keeps popping up. (Plus my husband doesn’t have to listen to every tiny thing I think of 🙂 Win-win )

So yesterday morning it brought it out again and it was actually great to sit quietly for some time, writing about every that goes on in my head.

I think the blog might have taken over a bit but since I’m not writing truly personal things here, there is something missing. So Dear Diary, Welcome back in my life.

Do you keep a diary? If so, do you write every day?


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In Stefansgade on Nørrebro in Copenhagen we have the most fantastic shop with organic fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, juice, candy – you name it. And I just had to tell you about it! So if you either live in Copenhagen or will ever come visit, this is definitely a place to go. It’s called “Stefanos Grønne Hjørne” (Stefanos green corner 🙂 )

It’s my favourite place to go for organic fruit and veg and prices are reasonable. And who doesn’t want to buy fresh organic lemons for homemade lemonade, fresh basil for pesto, tomatoes for your insalade caprese, lovely juices… I could go on. But I won’t – just go there and try it yourselves 🙂


Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial interest in this shop – I just love what they do


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My brother took me to visit a new grocery store last week here in Copenhagen which was great fun. It had tons of exciting vegetables and fruits that I’d never tried before – among these fresh broad beans.


I knew that I had to try them since I’d seen a recipe from Jamie Oliver once for a broad bean pesto/mash kind of thing. Today I finally got to use them and not to toot my own horn or anything but it turned out insanely great!

Hi there. Meet Peas & Broad bean mash:

I took around 10 broad beans, shelled them and put them in a bowl with a huge handful of frozen peas (fresh would probably be better but I didn’t have any). Then I poured a cup of boiling water over them to preserve the colour and drained right away. Finally I mashed it up in my food processor with a 3×2 cm piece of manchego cheese, a tiny piece of garlic, some olive oil and a bit of squeezed lemon juice. I didn’t really measure it out exactly but these are rough estimates. Anywho, I don’t think you can go wrong on this one 🙂

Served with a piece of homemade toasted whole wheat bread and I was in heaven!

We also had some insalade caprese with San Marzano tomatoes (my favourite) and a few pieces of chicken and dinner was made.

Do you often try new vegetables? 

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Today I worked from home which meant that when I finished work at a quarter to five I was home at – a quarter to five 🙂 The weather got better during the day (no more rain) so I knew exactly what I wanted to do: Go on a photo-tour around the neighbourhood.

I try to do at least one thing that I truly love per day and I love taking pictures. My camera isn’t particularly good but I enjoy it anyway, and it’s truly relaxing to go for a walk and pick out motives.

Today’s walk took me through one of my favourite places in Copenhagen: Assistens Kirkegården (a churchyard turned park). First I armed myself with a vanilla soy latte from one of the best coffee places in Copenhagen:

Riccos coffeeshop in Stefansgade

Isn’t it beautiful? And in the middle of a capital

At Assistens Kirkegården

Gigantic old trees – so pretty

Wilted roses reminding me that life is short and that I should enjoy every minute of it

Everything was so fresh and green

 And when I came home my husband had bought me flowers!

What did you do today that you truly loved?

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When I got home from work today I was so tired I almost couldn’t believe it. It’s hard to be back! And I was only gone for two weeks. But what better way than to cure a tired brain than to go running. So I put on my favourite geeky shirt from Technical University of Denmark and ventured out…

Did I just show my womanly behind on the blog? 

… only to find than my shin-splints broke out after only 500 m! I did 1 km and had to walk back home. Bummer.

So, no relaxing run for me but this might actually be good as I’m starting to feel a bit under the weather. And what else can a girl then do but to go home, eat Moroccan stew with saffron rice and place herself on the sofa with four glorious pieces of Lindt chocolate which a colleague gave me? (Ok so I might have gotten an entire box, but that was more than 2 weeks ago. You guess how many are left at this point).

Diamant de Café Pointe de Chocolat Crème aux NoisettesCornet d'Or

See more on Lindt’s homepage (very addictive chocolate!)

If my throat isn’t getting better I’ll be working from the sofa at home tomorrow. I’m so lucky to have that opportunity! I hope it improves though and that my shins will please stop hurting (are you listening??) as I’d like to get in a minimum of 5K tomorrow afternoon. I’m training for Friløbet in September in Copenhagen and even though it’s only 10K which I will be able to run at this point, I’d still like to improve my time.

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A cup of hot cocoa and a deep breath can give wonders of energy, whether you are back for your first day after vacation like me, or you just need a break to clear your head. Especially when it’s raining outside…

Remember your breaks and you will be happier 🙂 What is your favourite way to take a short break at work?
I sometimes close my door and lie on the floor for two minutes, meditating. No kidding! Weird? Maybe, but I’m saving my soul.

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Just came home from a 7 K run and I feel fantastic! I love my weekend runs as I can take as much time as I want to just be myself and enjoy the feeling of my feet pounding against the ground.

What I listen to when running varies from different podcasts to pre-made playlists and then simply shuffling songs. Today was a shuffle kinda’ day and I’m so glad that I let the iPod choose for me. Because on my final kilometer this great song was played:

It was as if it was meant for my body and suddenly I realized just how fantastic my body is. It stays with me and carries me every day, through rainy runs, swimming in the ocean on hot summer days, biking through the snow in February, walking, talking, standing and sitting – it keeps me alive. I have strong legs that had me flying through the park on this final kilometer and it rushed through my mind that all I’ve done in return to my body for sooo many years is to scold it for not being perfect enough.

So dear body: You are my best friend. And damn you’re cool! You can do the most amazing things and I am humble as to how nature has accomplished such a fantastic machine. I better appreciate it while it’s here 🙂

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